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The Death Of Western Science

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 1647 PM


...When skeptical members of my family argued that physics was dangerous because of nuclear weapons, I pointed out that it wasn’t science that was the problem but rather how people used it...




All's right after all, she's NRA. Nukes don't kill people, people kill people. 


And here's the NRA member, smiling proud. Not surprisingly, she does research into Dark Matter. She says, and I quote; "...my research spans cosmological scales from cosmic acceleration to dark matter...". She seems ready to be welcomed into some Spielberg* UFO and accelerated away to Wobegon Galaxy  :lol:



* discreet allusion to "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind"

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 1905 PM



that Tim Pool guy better stop making sense or he is going to get kicked from yootoob. :ph34r:




Long but imho good read on differences in preferences: http://slatestarcode...ed-differences/



norwegian Harald Eia came to similar conclusions.

How long will it be before women demand their own STEM classes.   They can't contend with men's aggressive behavior in their classes.



For schools this has been raised from time to time to have separate classes for STEM education.


I'm reminded of an old story of women demanding to get into male only clubs.  Once there they then demanded their own women only exercise room.

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