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Because Trump 2.0

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Posted 57 minutes ago

266k jobs created in a month - that's what right wingers tout as success in a country of about 330M?
Oh, the gullibles.




266k is well within the noise band, and there's no break with normalcy since 2011. No policy change shows up in there. If anything, 2019 looks weak.

Moreover, 266k is a preliminary data point, just as the month before. The last reliably data point is Sep 2019: 193k.


And then there's the fact that the lying moron's stupid and crony trade wars have hurt agriculture much, and that statistic with 266k jobs created is NONFARM only.

It's normal to exclude farm jobs because of their seasonality, but in this case it also happens to exclude an area where the lying moron's policies have had one of the worst effects.

Jobs created is a misnomer.  It is jobs filled. Jobs that pay enough to pull people off the coach getting free stuff from the government.   There are millions of jobs going begging probably because they don't pay enough, or require qualifications applicants don't have.  If they would pay something like a board member of Burisma as they did for that old lying fool's son, Hunter they all would be filled.

With a low 3.5% unemployment rate even people with criminal records can get good jobs. 

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#16442 Tim the Tank Nut

Tim the Tank Nut


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Posted 50 minutes ago

plus that's 266K on top of the best unemployment rate in 50 years.

More proof, if needed, that the failed algorithm is still failing.  It generates a signal to noise ratio that breaks the meter...

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