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9.10 (Godzilla Tanks Are Coming!)

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#21 Skywalkre


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Posted 06 September 2015 - 1737 PM

Some of our callers have a tendency toward gloaming onto whatever force mix beat them in their last match.  So if they got beat on a province by a clan running a bunch of heavies, they instantly feel like the optimum division make-up for the nxt match is a bunch of heavies.  


I think in general our clan does its best, and is most consistent, when running a mix of 1-2 lights with the balance being mediums...crommies and T-34/85s.  However we also have a player base in our clan that isn't as savvy in terms of optimum tanks at any given tier.  They dont always own the right tanks and some dont really try to educate themselves on what tanks work in CW & SH vs what tanks might be fun to play in randoms.  We always need bodies to fill divisions on nights where we are getting attacked from multiple directions or the like.  Sooo,,,whatcha gonna do?  The end result is often divisions with very eclectic tank mixes.  Always irritating to try and control a force mix with hugely varying vehicle speeds.    


I'm more of the opinion that our force mix can sometimes be tailored to a specific map and a specific map plan.  Assuming a caller develops some real map tactics for a specific match and doesnt just do the "everyone go the 1-2 line" or the like.  In one sense this is much easier to do in CW than SH as you always know what map your going to be playing on in a CW match well before the match.  Conversely in SH its random maps and somewhat more of a fly by the seat of your pants -- a lot of repeat calls of whatever worked last time we played a specific map.   There are still a lot of basics that need to be hammered out among my clans membership.  It will just take some time.  

I'm reminded of a phrase that's popular at my work... "It is what it is."


Sorry to hear.  In the end your clan is content with being... not very good.  Unfortunately this seems to be a staple of online gaming since I started doing it nearly 20 years ago.  There must be something in human nature where they'd rather do something their own way and be bad than learn from others, build on that, and be good.  It's a big reason I finally gave the middle finger to my old clan and stopped doing CWs.  It just wears on you after a while...

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Posted 11 September 2015 - 0927 AM

I've found the O-I Exp to be a blast, although I do prefer the stock Derp gun.  Yes I've died fast on occasion...  but in general, kicked arse over and over.


When I'm top tier, I find I can bully my way through defenders one shotting them left and right.


When bottom tier.  I sit back behind a ridge and lob HE at anything in range.  The rate of fire and high shell arc means I can screw up anything that sits still.


As for ramming...   I've punted Tiger P's, gotten FV304's stuck in my tracks, reversed over ELC's trying to be cute, and had a VK30.01 T-bone me at full speed for 100% of his health.   Just being able to bulldoze enemy heavies out of a chokepoint while derping them in the face is amazing.  I've pushed a wrecked churchill sideways ahead of me as a shield...


I've researched the O-I...  but I'm keeping  the exp just for shits and giggles and to buff my W/L ratio.

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