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When Defending Cops Becomes Impossible

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#1361 Murph


    Hierophant Lord

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Posted Yesterday, 06:05 AM


Even Republican Senators are trying to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth which almost no one even knew was a thing a month ago.

I've known it was a thing for awhile. Its quite big here in Texas, not surprisingly (Galveston proclamation etc). Nobody should be shocked or dismayed that non-black folks are unaware of it, its only recently that there has been any mention of it in print or on air.

In a way, the fact that a lot of white/Latino/Asian/whatever people weren't aware of it is not an indictment of them, it is an indictment of the self-segregation* of American blacks.

* They make a kinda big deal of the whole "invited to the barbecue" thing. 1st time I was invited to the barbecue, several of the older folks talked to me nonstop, like I was some exotic furriner. Which I was, being a native Californian. :lol:


We too,we have always known about Juneteenth here in Texas.

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#1362 FlyingCanOpener



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Posted Yesterday, 03:33 PM

Same here next door in Louisiana. But it was about as well-celebrated as Kwanzaa, which you can all get ready to get shamed into celebrating instead of the racist holiday of Christmas this December.

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#1363 Tim the Tank Nut

Tim the Tank Nut


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Posted Yesterday, 04:47 PM

are you saying that the stop-motion animation program Frosty the Snowman is racist because snowmen are generally white?

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#1364 lucklucky



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Posted Yesterday, 09:53 PM


Y'know I'm troubled by the timing of the Floyd death;

I'm not. I am about 75% sure this was a personal beef between Chauvin and Floyd.


So Chauvin wanted to kill Floyd and did it knowing he was being on vídeo?  All of the case points to lack of awareness and care for the job.

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