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Who am I and where am I calling from?

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#41 Armored Marine

Armored Marine


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0435 AM

Name: Ed Rosales
Age: 36
Country: USA
Service: US Marines, '84-'88 Tank crewman
Interest: Politics, armor, things on History channel.
Tanknet: same
Comments: commenting all the time.
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#42 Cyber_Ghost


    Evil Zionist

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0444 AM

Name: Peleg Wasserman

Age:18 in less than 2 months


Service:none yet.

Interest:Computers (Operating Systems, programming, security, gaming, etc...), Military History and general history, politics, books.

Tanknet:Introduced to the old forum by yuval, on this forum from time to time Posted Image
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#43 Tim the Tank Nut

Tim the Tank Nut


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0459 AM

Name: Tim Garrett
Age: 31
Country: USA
Service: none
Interest: Professional WW2 (and others) military vehicle restorer. Have done quite a few. See LVT at D-Day museum. Also a regular armor re-enactor. I have a limited knowledge of computers and can barely make get stuff online. All military history. Drag Racing!!!!!(even have a car...)
Tanknet: I always stayed off of forums on the 'net but after lurking around here a was stunned at the quality of the group members. I guess I started posting in 2000? (I found Tanknet through Scott Cunningham's Armor in Action site)
Comments: This is the only reason to go online. It should be in the reception station about not going head to head with Sargent on PTO strategy. Don't bandy figures with Rich. Don't BS Ray. Don't try arguing Russian equipment with Vasily. It doesn't get any better than this.
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#44 acilius



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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0507 AM


Service: Conscript as Security MP in the FAF 1994-1995, Rank:LCpl, Active reservist. (As much as there reasonably is time.)

Interest:History of all sorts, Wargaming,and most of all Studying. (The eternal student type.)

Tanknet:Since the spring of 2000. Mostly lurking, a few posts too.

Comments: This forum is now a daily routine. It is lonely though for a light-infantry man.

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#45 Martin Raye

Martin Raye


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0512 AM

Name: Martin Raye

Age: 50

Country: USA (Iowa)

Service: none

Interest: military technology, the physical sciences, beer & whisky, movies, rational discussions with intelligent people about a wide range of subjects

Tanknet: late arrival at Mike Brunk's place, been here at TankNet since the start

Comments: It's in the middle of the country, just north of Missouri; no, it's not pronounced "I-oh-way"; no, we aren't all farmers; yes, it is pretty flat, isn't it?
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#46 Diamond M

Diamond M


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0546 AM

Name: M
Country: The Netherlands
Service: None
Tanknet: Since September 2001
Comments: Eventhough it sometimes is hard to resist the temptation to leave this place... ( cause some people make really ignorant comments ) ... , I like Tanknet because there are a whole bunch of people here with knowledge about politics and military stuff. You won't find it anywhere else.

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#47 EchoFiveMike


    I offer safe passage through the wasteland

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0548 AM

Name: Kenneth M., go by Ken, "hey, asshole", whatever.
Age: 26
Country: USA,
Service: USMC, 4 years active(combat engineer), 5 years reserve(sniper, sniper platoon sgt)
Interest: shooting(all flavors), warfare, everything related to furthering US global domination, climbing, hunting, fishing, mountain bikes, military history, technology
Tanknet: about a year or so
Comments: Excellent site, lots of knowledge here, discovered while looking for information on M103A2
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#48 Paul G

Paul G


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0623 AM

Name: Paul Giandomenico

Age: 32 (married)

Country: USA

Service: National Guard Officer. Originally Armor but forced to switch to Artillery. Currently commander of a battery of 155mm SPH.

Interests: competitive shooting, wargaming, scale models, computers, skiing, scuba diving. (work with mutual funds to pay for all that)

Tanknet: Participated briefly in the old Heavy Metal site before it switched over.

Comments: Find this site one of the best I have ever been on. Very interesting and intelligent people, unlike most forums on the internet. Constantly refer to it in everyday conversation. (sad I know)
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#49 RangerCharlie



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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0655 AM

Name: Charles
Age: 32
Country: USA (VA)
Service: 88-92 1st Ranger Batt. 92-96 29th ID Scout (ARNG)
Interest: varies
Tanknet: who knows
Comments: One of the under respresented infantry types. How do you guys remember all that stuff?
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#50 DogDodger


    Cornre durg dealing ilk

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0658 AM

Name: Chris Conners
Age: 24
Country: WV, USA
Service: None
Interests: Tanks, hockey, drugs (not the cornre ilk)
Tanknet: Lurking since '96 Posted Image
Comments: Simply a grate sight. If you wanna learn about tanks and tankers, this is the place to be. Thanks! Posted Image

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#51 MikeD



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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0713 AM

Name: Michael Dalzell
Age: 24
Country: UK
Service: 5 years Territorial Army. Troop Leader, Royal Yeomanry. Currently playing with new toy (Fuchs Posted Image)

Interest: Tanks, mil. history, sailing, roaming aimlessly
Tanknet: July 2001
Comments: Self-confessed European
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#52 Marsh


    Miserable old git

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0717 AM

Name: Marsh Gelbart
Country: Britain
Service: None. (I have come under shell fire, does that count. No, thought not).
Interests: Military history and technology, celtic folk music, beer, wine, science fiction, women, Leeds United (English football team), infectious diseases. Interests are not necessarily in the given order.
TankNet: Been lurking ever since I found Michael Brunk's site some years ago.
Comments: A fascinating mixture of generally well informed individuals. Not enough crazy eccentrics. Come back Lee, all is forgiven.
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#53 TonyE


    I/Kitsap Militia

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0837 AM

Name: Tony Engelsen
Age: 23
Country: Norway, proud to proclaim i live in the city of Bergen.

Service: 12 month conscription period with the 5th Company, Royal
Guards Battalion(98-99), as a HMG gunner. Eledgible for mobilization with the Engineer Bn/6th Division.

Interest: military modeling, history, collecting WW2 tank photos,
art and chasing/teasing girls Posted Image
Currently a student at the University of Bergen.

Tanknet: think it was in 1999, found it through a link at
Achtung-Panzer! or so.

Comments: usually i make a couple of visits a day, nothing beats
the extremly annoying feeling to find that Master Blaster has put up another one of his regular Anti-EU topics Posted Image
By the way, where has Markus gone?
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#54 G. Stark

G. Stark


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0854 AM

Name: Georg Stark

Age: 36

Country: Germany

Service: 1989-1990 4./33 Panzerbattalion, Leo2A4 driver

Interest: Tanks, Audi TT, car tuning, icehockey, ski, drawing, reading, model bulding, femals Posted Image and of course my firm...

Tanknet: since Heavy Metal long ago...

Comments: For sure the best side in the net if it comes to tanks... a true international mix of experience

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#55 Rocky Davis

Rocky Davis

    Old Broken Down Retired Tanker

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0929 AM

Name: Gary (Rocky) Davis

Age: 46

Country: USA


Armor Officer: 1976 – 1978 2nd Armored Division, 1978 – 1985 49th Armored Division (TxARNG), 1985 – 1991 USAR

Enlisted (19K): 1996 to present 49th Armored Division (TxARNG)

Interest: Black Bass Fishing, Cooking

Tanknet: 2 or 3 years (I forget)

Comments: Grate site. The preceding personal information does not violate OPSEC and is common knowledge among the Forum membership.
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#56 Zipperhead


    Godless Heathen

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 0932 AM

Name: Martin Gasser

Age: 35

Country: Canada

Service: 16th year of a 20 year sentence Posted Image in the Armoured Corps, Recconnaissance mostly

Intrest: Martial Arts (Jiu-Jitsu), the Military & Keeping my fat ass in shape!

Tanknet: Since Heavy Metal days (as a reader)

Comments: Nil
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#57 Risto Jrnstrm

Risto Jrnstrm


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 1024 AM

Name: Risto Järnström (doh!)

Age: 29

Country: Finland

11 months (conscript) as a Marksman SPAAG TC.
Been working in private company with several systems for Finnish army for the past few years. Now with FAF F-18 Hornets.

Interest: Judo, mixed martial arts (UFC etc.), weight lifting, anything involving computers (games, programming, net-surfing), good food and drinks.

Tanknet: On since the days of early Heavy Metal. Almost had couple of heart-attacks when that or this forum weren't working... Been mostly lurking recently. Posted Image

Comments: I miss Lee I. Charters and 4'2" Russian tankers!
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#58 Martin M

Martin M


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Posted 21 December 2001 - 1136 AM

Name: Martin
Age: 48
Interest: AFV´s, history, travel, good old days.
Tanknet: lurked at the old forum half a year, lurked at the new one, member since March 2001
Comments: Like going to your favorite bar after work.
Posted Image

Edited by Martin M, 10 February 2006 - 1111 AM.

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#59 Steven P Allen

Steven P Allen

    Tilter at Windmills

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 1147 AM

Name: Steven P. Allen
Age: 37
Country: USA
Service: NROTC award rejected by DoDMERB for subpar eyesight; contemptibly failed to enlist.
Interest: Just about everything.
Tanknet: Brunk's TF from late '96 or thereabouts; Plankowner here, currently mulling over the future.
Comments: Some of the best people I've had the privilege to know hang out here; then there's the rest of us.
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#60 Mk 1

Mk 1

    Difficile est saturam non scribere

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Posted 21 December 2001 - 1615 PM

Name: Mark Singer
Age: 42
Country: USA (California born and raised)
Service: None. (shamefully turns eyes aside)
But ... I am probably the only guy you'll meet who took courses in Military History at Berkeley!
Interest: To be a modern "rennaissance man". Creating successful (and lucrative) Silicon Valley chip companies. History (with an emphasis on military), shooting, collecting military miniatures, raising a gaggle of kids, experiencing everything there is to experience, tasting everything there is to taste, learning everything there is to learn. Dying a wise old man.
Tanknet: Lurked on the old forum, followed to TankNet. Began posting about a year(?) ago.
Comments: I've been following Internet military forums since a decade or more before Al Gore invented the Internet! Started on sci.military in the early '80s ("Usenet -- the other Internet"). Still drop in on soc.hist.war.ww-ii, and about half a dozen chat groups from time-to-time. But THIS is the REAL place.
I am honored to be allowed to participate.

[Edited by Mk 1 (15 Feb 2002).]
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