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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 1345 PM


Ehm, that's your whole hangup? I didn't write Christianity, I wrote early Christiandom (I find the word is actually Christendom); and I said it was an example of common use of resources in a religious community, long before the (mostly) secular 17th/18th century proponents of Early Socialism, not yet named thus, like Babeuf, Fourier, de Saint-Simon, Owen and Weitling. And my whole point is that this is not the Marxist kind of socialism. Like many (then) small religions focussed on the hereafter rather than worldly life, living in near-term eschatological expectation and often under the pressure of persecution, early Christians tended to form communes, trying to emulate the life of Jesus and his apostles, and the subsequent original Jerusalem congregation.

Key and important differences.

1. Is it top down government or private affiliation?
2. Is it enforced or is it entirely voluntary?
3. Does the state own the means of production or are the voluntary members pooling resources?

If it's the former in each of those cases, it's not SOCIALISM. It's a social collective.


Well Done! Better than I could have done.

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 1443 PM

Collective vs, cooperative.

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 1955 PM

Well Done! Better than I could have done.

Aside from the fact that I mixed up former and latter.  :blush:

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Stuart Galbraith

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Posted 26 August 2019 - 0158 AM

You closet Socialist you. :P

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Posted 27 August 2019 - 1303 PM

Looks like the EU found her very own AOC, but only after making her president of the European Commission.
Meet Ursula von der Leyden. A German Christian Democrat, supposedly conservative.
Some of her proposals:

-Extending the Emissions Trading System to cover the maritime sector, and a tapered reduction of the free allowances to airlines over time. Also to extend this to traffic and construction. (NB: air travel is too cheap now, should be kept away from the proles)

-Add a border carbon tax to avoid carbon leakage, compliant with WTO rules. Also to review the Energy Taxation Directive. (NB: Taxes, taxes, and more taxes. But it is for your own good, you Fascist!)

-Will put forward a plan to become a world leader in circular economy and clean technologies, and to decarbonize energy-intensive industries (NB: Bye bye to cheap, energy intensive products. China very happy)

-Will create a new Just Transition Fund to give tailored support to those who need it, to get there. (NB: More bureaucracy, oh la la)

-Will propose a European Climate Pact that will design and commit to a set of pledges to bring about a change of behaviour from the individual to the largest multinational, as a key part of the just transition. (NB: well, while that change of behaviour does not involve reeducation camps, I suppose we will be fine and dandy...)

-Her new Sustainable Europe Investment Plan will support a trillion euros of climate investment over the next decade. The European Investment Bank dedicates 25% of its total financing to climate investment worldwide. She proposes to at least double this figure by 2025, (NB: We could imagine how this will end)

-Commits to putting forward a comprehensive plan to increase the European Union’s target for 2030 towards 55% in a sustainable way. (NB: current target is a reduction of 40%, she proposes a 55%, the practical effect in the climate will be about the same, but on the economy...)

-Will present a Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. as part of the European Green Deal. It will work with global partners to stop biodiversity loss within the next 5 years. Want Europe to lead the world in the 2020 Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, just as we did at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. (NB: animals are soooo cute. Did you see the last Lion King?)

-For farmers, a new “Farm to Fork Strategy” on sustainable food along the whole value chain. (NB: seems food is too cheap in Europe)

-Will put forward a cross-cutting strategy to protect citizen’s health from environmental degradation and pollution, including water quality, hazardous chemicals, industrial emissions, pesticides and endocrine disrupters. (NB: No pesticides, yield reduction in crops, only biological agriculture allowed, expect subsidies to farmers to skyrocket, gone food-grade plastics, welcome, foodborne illnesses)

-A New Circular Economy Action Plan focusing on sustainable resource use, especially in resource-intensive and high-impact sectors such as textiles and construction.

-Wants to tackle micro-plastics


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