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Posted 19 June 2019 - 0959 AM

In the Lübcke case, as usual for murders that might have been ideologically motivated, respectively interested political camps are either harping about the dangers of the suspect ideology and sensing vast networks behind the act, or are accusing the other of misusing a tragedy by exaggerating the background of an individual suspect. Federal prosecution has stated they are assuming a right-wing motivation due to the suspect's political past, but many questions like what triggered him, whether he acted alone, the origins and current whereabouts of the murder weapon remain unresolved at this point.

The suspect lived an inconspicious life with wife, kids and house for the last ten years. Neighbors described him as a quiet, polite and friendly type with no indications of political radicalism. He was a member in a shooting club, but only in the bow section; he had no access to firearms stored on site, none of which are missing anyway.

One theory for the motive is that a dated shitstorm over Lübke was recently rekindled on the internet, as it sometimes happens. As noted before, he tangled with immigration critics during the 2015 refugee crisis; in particular, he advised hecklers at one event that anybody not agreeing with the liberal values of modern Germany was free to leave the country. Of course the quote was spread around the net in truncated form, there were the usual death threats, and Lübke was under police protection for some time.

The thing re-emerged this February when former CDU Bundestag member Erika Steinbach, who left the party over Angela Merkel's policies and today sometimes speaks at AfD events without having become a member, reposted a blog entry from another source on Facebook which referenced Lübke's remarks without dating them. Typically, people thought it was a current event and started shitstorming all over again. Some also suggest the murder was an act of frustration, since popular attention to the right-wing scene has dropped over the last year or so.

On possible accomplices, the key to a Skoda the suspect had recently taken over from a relative was found hidden away at his house, but the car itself is missing. He usually drove his wife's VW Caddy; a car of that type was reportedly seen driving "aggressively" through Lübke's home village after the murder, along with another one that was not identified. So far it's all rather circumstancial, however.
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Posted 19 June 2019 - 1307 PM

The guy seems to have quite the history. Conventions to the NSU and years ago regarded as a likely terrorist.

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