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The Insane Rationalizations, Bigotry And Out Right Hypocrisy Of The Left

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Posted 18 minutes ago

I'm not knocking you Stargrunt or aiming this at you, but I am sorry no amount of surgery and testosterone will ever make a woman a man. Same for men to women. It's insane, you don't indulge a mentally ill persons delusions, and that is exactly what is happening. You would never tell an anorexic they are fat even though that is how they see themselves, you would never tell a schizophrenic to listen to the voices. Yet now they are telling people who want to chop off their genitals because they have the delusion that they are a different sex that it is perfectly normal, and we engage in their delusion by telling them they are the sex they believe they are. The only thing normal about it is it is a normal mental illness, just like depression, schizophrenia, anorexia, on so on. 

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