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Because, Japan.

It needs a thread of its own.

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#1681 Rick



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Posted 15 July 2019 - 1712 PM

Wow, a Serbian, Japanese to American super-duper secret decoder ring. Is this a Grate Site or what :o  :D 

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#1682 JasonJ



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Posted 19 July 2019 - 0535 AM

Angry man commits an arson attack at an anime studio in Kyoto, 33 died. So sad.

A man suspected of torching an animation studio in Kyoto shouted that his novel had been plagiarized and appeared to have planned the attack, media said on Friday after a blaze that killed 33 people in Japan's worst mass killing in two decades.

The 41-year-old man "seemed to be discontented, he seemed to get angry, shouting something about how he had been plagiarized", a woman who saw the suspect being detained told reporters.

The unidentified man shouted "Die!" before dousing the entrance to Kyoto Animation headquarters in Fushimi Ward with what appeared to be gasoline and setting it ablaze around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The fire was put out nearly a day later, at about 6:20 a.m. on Friday.

The explosive blaze killed 33 people and 10 more were in critical condition, authorities said late on Thursday, in the worst mass killing since a suspected arson attack in Tokyo killed 44 in 2001.

Nineteen of the 33 dead had been found, bodies piled up on the staircase to the roof from the third floor, Kyodo news agency said, citing authorities.

Firefighters arriving soon after the fire began found the door to the roof was shut but could be opened from the outside, Kyodo said.

The victims may have rushed up the stairs to escape the blaze on the lower floors and found themselves unable to open the door, it added.


A day later, none of the victims' identities had been disclosed. There were 74 people inside when the fire started, Kyodo said, citing prefectural police.

"I imagine many of the people who died were in their twenties," said 71-year-old Kozo Tsujii, fighting back tears after laying flowers near the studio in the rain on Friday morning. He said he drives by the studio on his daily commute.

"I'm just very, very sad that these people who are so much younger than me passed away so prematurely," he said.

On Friday, police investigators searched the smoldering shell of the building for clues in an investigation that Kyodo said covered suspected arson, murder and attempted murder.

Journalists clustered near the police cordon, while adults walked children to school.

A man resembling the suspect went to a petrol station on Thursday with two 20-liter cans, Japanese media said.

Two cans, a rucksack and a trolley were found near the site, and television images showed what appeared to be five long knives laid out by police as possible evidence on the ground outside the three-story building.

The suspect had no connection with Kyoto Animation and his driver's license gave an address in Saitama Prefecture, public broadcaster NHK said.

Little else was known about the man, who is under police supervision with serious burns to the face and legs, media said.

NHK showed footage of what it said appeared to be the suspect lying on his back as he spoke to a police officer, shoeless and with apparent burns on his right leg below the knee.

When he was detained, he told police, "I did it," adding that he had started the fire because the studio had stolen his novel, Kyodo said, citing investigative sources.

Kyoto Animation, located in a quiet suburb about 20 minutes by train from the centre of Japan's ancient capital, produces popular "anime" series such as the "Sound! Euphonium".

Its "Free! Road to the World - The Dream" movie is due for release this month.

The area surrounding the studio, which sits between two train lines, was cordoned off on Friday morning. A few fire trucks remained there, with their lights off. Some firefighters appeared to still be dousing the smoldering building.

Jun Shin, a 30-year-old Chinese man living in nearby Osaka, visited the site on Thursday night to place flowers near the burnt-out office and say a prayer.

"I am an anime fan," Jun, an information technology worker, told Reuters. "I have watched animation since I was a student, and this was a terrible event, I just want to come and mourn. It left me speechless."

"It's hard to put into words how I feel," said 27-year-old Yuichi Kumami, a self-described animation fan, who had taken time off work at his company in nearby Osaka to lay flowers at the site.

"They may not be able to produce the same kind of works again and it was my hope that there would be more memorable works in the future, but that may be impossible now and that is very saddening," he said, his voice cracking with emotion.

Local resident Kazuko Yoshida, 78, said she lived close to the site and had smelt smoke on Thursday. From her second-floor window, she saw smoke and helicopters.

"I wonder why the company was targeted, why those people had to be caught up in this. It sounds like the man who did it wanted to die," she said. "If he wanted to die he should have died alone, why did he have to involve other people? He is a terrible person."

One 23-year-old university student paid his respects before going to his lessons. He said he was a fan of anime.

"You hear about gun killings overseas, but anyone can get their hands on gasoline and that is pretty frightening," he said. "You can't stop people from buying gasoline, perhaps there's a way to offer help to people who might be tempted to commit crimes."

One local man, 82, passing by on his bicycle said he previously lived in the neighborhood.

"There was no fire escape on the outside of the building and I think that was a big reason why so many people died," he said. "There was only one way for them to escape."


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#1683 Panzermann


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Posted 19 July 2019 - 1037 AM

I knew the manga business was hard, but arson?  :huh:

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#1684 Nobu



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Posted 19 July 2019 - 1254 PM

Painful news to say the least.

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