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Who am I and where am I calling from?

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#81 Thunderbolt-6



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Posted 05 January 2002 - 1521 PM

Name: Mike
Age: 36
Country: USA
Service: Army... 19 years this April. Reserves, National Guard, and Active Duty. Infantryman first, then Chemical sergeant. Staff Sergeant when I went to OCS. Armor branch Captain now, working on Major, assigned inside the Beltway now, but my parole came up and I'm now on my way to USA Armor School at Fort Knox as staff.
Interest: See my profile.
Tanknet: Friend sent me the link, I liked what I saw.
Comments: Good stuff... keep up the good work. I particularly like your policing of violations of policy.

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#82 Cinaruco



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Posted 05 January 2002 - 1959 PM

Name: Andres Eduardo Vera Valladares
Age: 15
Country: Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Service: None/ Althought i serve with the national guard in my school in the 99 floding, pretty nice even the american UH/60 were there ,) but i really would serve in the USMC without thinking it twice (right mr.Davies)
Interest:girls, modern history and ancient hystori.
Tanknet: my cousing juancho told me abaut this
Comments: good site
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#83 JWB



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Posted 05 January 2002 - 2043 PM

Name: Jim Bonham Jr.
Age: 38 in Jan.
Country: USA
Service: 3mile run? HELP!
Interest: Almost everything.
Tanknet: Started at Tanker.net mid Jan. 2000
Comments: As stated previously the finest military forum on
the internet. It is almost like a cross between a
private club and military academy. The attitude and
expertise is that great.
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#84 Josh



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Posted 05 January 2002 - 2105 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Geoff Winnington-Ball:
[i]It was brought up on another thread that we here at Tanknet have a truly international readership. WE know it, but it's time for all to to speak up...

Name: Josh
Age: 25
Country: US
Service: none
Interest: miltary, all things techincal
Tanknet: Ran into it around early 2001 looking for info about
Lav III for the medium brigades.
Comments: a liberal yes, but not to the point of disarmament.
I enjoy tanknet because it is the most heavil moderated forum I have come across (and the only one I revist) and it is full of intelligent people knowledgable in many disiplinces besides military science.

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#85 Tempest



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Posted 05 January 2002 - 2141 PM

Name: Robert
Age: 18
Country: US
Service: None, JROTC only
Interest: Military, Military history, Girls, Weapons, Anime, Martial arts, Girls, Tanks... (not in any particular order)
Tanknet: Been around for a year and a half probably, maybe 2
Comments: I'm sure this will be used against me somehow in future posts >.<
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#86 Benjamin Etxaburu

Benjamin Etxaburu


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 0401 AM

Name: Clark Kent
Age: 39
Country: Spain
Service: No, thanks
Interest: Warfare (from a safe distance)
Tanknet: since Heavy Metal, I believe
Comments: I like this
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#87 Petteri Pöri

Petteri Pöri


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 0504 AM

Name: <----

Age: 25

Country: Finland

Service: 11-month conscript service 96-97, Marksman AA-tank driver

Interest: Military history, weapon systems, computer games, movies, books, rock music, gym, beer, etc.

Tanknet: Been around from -97 IIRC, arguing against LIC's opinion that only 4-foot midgets could drive T-series tanks.

Comments: Best military forum of the whole net. And a great group of people as well.
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#88 PCallahan



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Posted 07 January 2002 - 0628 AM

Name: Pat Callahan
Age: 31
Country: Washington, DC USA
Service: None, Army ROTC Award rejected for eyes (twice)
Interest: Military History, Politics
Tanknet: Since August '98 on the old heavy-metal site.
Comments: My first post (on Hellfires, I believe) was viciously attacked by LIC. I read almost every day, post rarely, and get whipped at TankNet football. I find this site absolutely invaluable.
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#89 Steelspear


    Key hiding expert

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Posted 07 January 2002 - 1003 AM

Name: Peter Eriksson
Age: born in 1980
Country: Sweden
Service: Took on the uniform 2000, hasnt taken it off since :) Currently 2nd Lieutenant (1st Lieutenant in June 05), Armour Technician. Specialise in CV9040A/B, CV90FOV, CV90C2 & CV90ARV, PBV401 (MTLB) and to some extent Strv 122.
Interest: Motorcycles (own a KTM & a minimoto), AFVs, R/C vehicles, Metal working, Internet, Computer games, Sports
Tanknet: From 2000 as a lurker... 2001 as a poster
Comments: Got a homepage: [url="http://"http://www.mainbattletanks.net"]www.mainbattletanks.net[/url], not updated often but lots of pics on Swedish AFVs.

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#90 John Eary

John Eary


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 1834 PM

Name: Dirk Diggler
Age: 39
Country: USA
Service: Not yet
Interest: Mountain biking, tanks (duh) and grotesquely large firearms.
Tanknet: Since the old forum. I don't post much, it just seems like it.
Comments: Yeah, like anyone would name a kid Brasidas!!!!!! Posted Image
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#91 realtanker



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Posted 07 January 2002 - 1851 PM

Name:William Riedel
Service:U.S. Army 19K3A8 SSG 1982-2003
Interest:Tanks, tanks, and sometimes tanks. Not always in that particular order.
Tanknet:Always reading, rarely posting since Heavy Metal (around 1998)
Comments:Tanknet is the best thing combining tanks and computers since the CEU.

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#92 Phalanx



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Posted 07 January 2002 - 1943 PM

What the hell, why not...

Name: J. Hyland
Age: 21
Country: Canada
Service: None
Interests: Military history, particularly WW1 and WW2, and armor in general. Sports, movies, and war games if you want to get away from the more serious interests.
Tanknet: Mostly lurking for the last 7 months, registered about 4 months ago.
Comments: Another one of those rare beasts known as a TankNet liberal... Here to learn for the most part, and where better than a place where people actually know what they're talking about. A great collection of academic knowledge and practical experience.
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#93 Elliot Howard

Elliot Howard

    Team Infidel

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Posted 08 January 2002 - 0643 AM

Name: Elliot Howard (Married)
Age: 24
Country: Texas
Service: 3 yrs Active duty 19K in Germany, been in the TXNG since 99'.
Interest: Hockey, boxing, guns, import beers, some PC games, hunting......that's about it.
Tanknet: Used to be a very annoying member of Tankers.net.
Comments: Nothing else follows.
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#94 tankkid85


    Still avoiding the coat hanger

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Posted 08 January 2002 - 1821 PM

Name: Steve J. Tyliszczak
Age: 16
Country: US, Connecticut to be more specific
Service: none
Interest: Armor Modeling, the Abrams tank and its derivatives, soccer, baseball, target shooting, basketball, and of course teenage girls Posted Image
Tanknet: transfered from the old Heavy Metal site which i found the first day I got the internet which was in late 98 I believe. Lurked for about a year then started posting but not too frequently, the old board was just too hard to follow.
Comment:This place is great for getting all sorts of information, and the occasional flame war adds the entertainment value. My favorite though I must say is the Joke threads, those are hilarious.
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#95 Jason


    Tanked for Sam and paided bonus.....

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Posted 09 January 2002 - 0618 AM

Name: Jason

Age: 29

Country: USA, the great liberal haven of Massachusetts (and no, I'm not a liberal).

Service: Four years active duty, US Army, 19K20 (Sgt/Tank gunner). Five years USAR and NG, MOS varies. Currently 11H20 - member of an anti-tank detachment (TOW missiles) attached to 1-181 Infantry, MAARNG. I've seen and taken part in the full spectrum of ground based combat arms now, armor, artillery and infantry. Maybe I can find myself a nice aviation unit to get into next..... Posted Image

Interest: Tanks, military history, music, sports (except basketball), good beer, good food, wine, travel (when I can), mountain biking, running, playing roller and ice hockey, building military models.

Tanknet: Found Brunk’s forum by accident about six months before it went under. My first post was telling Gotz he didn’t know what the f*ck he was talking about on the “US Equipment sucks” thread. Been on Tanknet from the beginning, plank owner and active member of moderating staff.

Comments: This is first Internet forum (in it’s original form) I posted on, registered on, or visited. It is the only forum I visit on a regular basis (daily, several times a day). We have a great group of regulars here, and lots of knowledge. I think what I appreciate most, though, is the international input and viewpoints available here (even if I don’t agree with them all the time). The fact that we keep this place civil is one of the reasons it is the best forum online IMHO.
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#96 The Swede

The Swede


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Posted 09 January 2002 - 0655 AM

This is a very interresting thread but please, can I ask you US members not to use a code when describing your service.
Us non US members don't have a clue to what they mean.
If you was a gunner on an M-60, write that and not the US military code for that position.
Or maybe it's done with purpose to keep us euros in the dark Posted Image
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#97 Guest_ray_*

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Posted 09 January 2002 - 0756 AM

re: The Swede
I feel your pain Posted Image.

There's a couple of ways to do this. You can go to this link and it tells you the MOS code:

[url="http://""]CODE CHART[/url]

It's kind of scary for paranoid folk (Markus need not apply Posted Image-) because it asks you to accept a security certificate (again and again if you choose not to download it) and it can be fairly difficult to navigate.

That tells you what the FIRST part of the code is (Which we call an MOS--Military Occupational Specialty. For example, 19K is Abrams Armor Crewman. Then there's a number that goes afer this. For example, 19k10 is an Abrams Armor Crewman with a rank of e1 through e4 (Private through Specialist/Corporal), 20-Sergeant, e-5; 30-Staff Sergeant, e-6; 40-Sergeant First Class, e-7.

THEN, there's what's called an "SQI" (Skill Qualification Identifier) that replaces the "0" in the 10/20/30/40 numbers shown above. For example, 19k4H indicates an Abrams Armor Crewman Sergeant First Class with an Instructor rating.

FINALLY, there's an "ASI" (Additional Skill Identifier) which can adds additional qualifications that are usually related more specifically to the MOS (first three letters). For example, a 19k4HP5 indicates an Abrams Armor Crewman Sergeant First Class/Instructor Rating/Master Fitness Trainer. (My old MOS Posted Image.)


OR...people could do what you ask...which is more than reasonable...and would be much more easily accomplished. Posted Image
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#98 Dave



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Posted 10 January 2002 - 0349 AM

Name: Dave Ruples
Age: 34
Country: USA, Wisconsin
Service: None
Interest: Military History, The outdoors, Raising my daughter, dogs. American Football is a passion. GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!!

Found the old Tanknet awile back and liked what I was reading. Been hooked ever since.

Comments: I enjoy the diverse views and comments that are expressed on this site. Haven't found anything quite like this and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.
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#99 Fareed



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Posted 12 January 2002 - 1158 AM

Name: Fareed Ameen
Age: 39
Country: Britain/Pakistan. I took the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty. Honest! Posted Image

Service: Nope. It's safer to talk from an armchair... or keyboard.

Interest: Military History/affairs, Private Equity/Finance, Music, Chelsea (okay, Real Madrid too), travel and talk.

Tanknet: Came across quite by chance. What's that song... "simply the best".

Comments: Thanks for letting me post.
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#100 Jeff B

Jeff B


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Posted 12 January 2002 - 1215 PM

Name: Jeff Bromfield

Age: 26

Country: West Virginia, United States

Service: Ex-Navy, National Guard Artillery Forward Observer

Interest:Armored Warfare/history, being a geek Posted Image, watching movies, hurrying to finish my engineering degree

Tanknet: Became addicted in 99, quit after the big TankNet web location/management move, came back a few months ago.

Comments:This is the only place I can communicate with intelligent/motivated people who share the same interests in military equipment,tactics, and general discussions.~Jeff
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