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Rip, Tanknetter Maxx (Typhoid Maxx Aka Vladan Zivojinovic)

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#81 GregShaw



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Posted 23 January 2016 - 2236 PM

I never quite knew what to think about Maxx. Most of his posts verged on the indecipherable to me, but they were always entertaining and worth a read. He will be missed.



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#82 DougRichards


    Doug Richards

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Posted 24 January 2016 - 0354 AM


I have refrained from contributing to this thread, I acknowledge that a loss of one of  us is a loss to all of us.  I do not believe in praying for the dead (it is not within my protestant belief system) but I do pray for Max's family and friends.  That they may be comforted in their loss.


I can hope that Max is in a better place though.


I look back, in my mind, if not actually going over recent posts, and wonder whether he knew that the moment of his passing was imminent.  If it was from a massive cardio event, there may have been signs and symptoms, his doctor may have told him to prepare himself.  His postings here showed that he wanted to be reconciled, to make peace, with those who he was not in friendship and fellowship with.  He addressed some very 'interesting' posts to specific people, and said that this would be the last opportunity to be in communion with him, even if he did not use those words.  I suspect that he knew what was coming. 


We all know what is coming eventually, maybe he knew more specifically, which is in some ways a blessing, and made some choices.


Those choices were a blessing on us, even those who did not know him at all well, but who read his posts wondering what was going on.


Goodbye Max, not your real name, but the name that you chose for yourself here.  I pray for your family and friends, for your children, and their mother.  God bless them.

I couldn't put it better myself.



At risk of going beyond your thoughts:


"It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart."


Ecclesiastes 7:2

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#83 JWB



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Posted 24 January 2016 - 1323 PM

That is a little too much deep thinking for a Sunday morning.  :blink:

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 1924 PM

This thread is now closed.  Move to the Hall of Remembrance

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Posted 30 January 2016 - 1928 PM

Copied and posted from Facebook


There are no profanities sufficiently profound, no curse of the required venom, no foul oath adequately vile to express my feelings at this moment. I was on the road this weekend, not really on-line for more than the most essential business. To come 5 days late to the death of a friend feels like a betrayal. It's not, Max'd understand and probably call me something unpleasant for even suggesting it, but feelings....
Max was a right pain in the arse most of the time, pestering me at work when he couldn't sleep, his head full of daemons and dissatisfaction. Then I'd get home and there the bastard would be again. We talked philosophy for the most part; violence, ethics, redemption, lust, responsibility, friendship, cowardice, love, courage, sin, honour and fear. We talked a lot about fear, and too little about hope, but sadly hope was a hard sell to Vlad most of the time. You'd just get the bastard to the point of admitting his soul wasn't blacker than a badger's backside.... and, yeah well its not an academic question any more is it. Much of the time though we talked about God. Not the religious God of churches, or that may lurk in some machine, but the personal deity, the encapsulation of our moral externalities, the eyes that stare back in judgement as we glare into the abyss of life.
I don't know which god he found there at the end, and I cannot but morn his passing, but I'm damn glad that if he had to go, it was on an up.

I'll miss you, you thrice damned, ballsed up, balkanised and benighted peasant.

Shit, Sorry Max I forgot - Insane Knife Wielding thrice damned, ballsed up, balkanised and benighted peasant.