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Posted 13 March 2005 - 0103 AM

The STAFF have pinned this topic and added to it as we find links. Thank you flying, we will leave this credited to you. If you have a link you want added, please email them to MODERATOR.


I have a pretty large collection of bookmarks, though not much on armour, so I figured I could give the Links forum a good kickstart by posting them. They're in an eclectic mix, but give me time and I can put them in order...

Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles

Good directory of US Rockets/Missiles from the post-WW2 era


Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918


Pretty much the only site on the web about the A-H Army. Great information.

Combined Arms Research Library


An online index of Theses, Monographs, and Papers from the US Army Command and Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth. I read them for fun!



Not the most in-depth of websites, but it does have some pretty nice large-scale maps to download.

Foreign Military Studies Office


Another website from leavenworth. This one contains articles/papers about OPFOR and the operations of nations not exactly friendly to NATO. It also has some archives of Red Star Thrust, the OPFOR Magazine at the NTC.

Haze Grey and Underway


One of the best naval websites imo. Includes the transcribing of DANFS (Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships)

Uniforms of the Imperial German Colonial Forces 1914-18


Laugh at the drawings all you want, but it's the only place on the web to find images of Schutztruppe uniforms, not to mention a good amount of info on the Schutztruppe itself.

Kaiser's Bunker


A Website dedicated to the WW1 German Army. *Very* large collection of Pickelhaube information. Make sure to check out his shipbuilding project. Very cool!



A Website dedicated to KMS Bismarck. Excellent large size scale drawings of German Capital ships. Related to this website is...

HMS Hood Association


The HMS Hood Association's website. Like the one on the Bismarck, this one is likewise well-done.

Naval Encyclopedia of World War 2


A pretty expansive website covering the naval aspects of World War 2 with a variety of topics and information.

West Point History Department Maps

http://www.dean.usma...../map home.htm

Scans of maps for use at the USMA's military history classes. Provides good coverage of America's wars.

Military History Online


I stumbled onto this small site with delusions of grandeur. The articles are quite scholarly, though the range is limited. I think some treadheads here can help them out. It was once the centre for the Battle of Gettysburg, so don't be shocked by the detail of it there.

Imperial Japanese Navy Page


Another popular page, this one about the IJN.

Clausewitz's On War


1873 Translation of the classic

On War


Website with synopses of most of the larger wars in history, not to mention a WW2 tank database.

NavSource:Naval History-Photographic History Of The U.S. Navy


13,000 pictures of US Warships and counting...

The Dreadnought Project


The absolutely coolest website on the web. Not just for the CGI of the Dreadnought, but the 300Mb of ship plans scanned to ther website. A pure gold mine!

German-Helmets.com- The Online Reference Guide to World War II German Helmets 1933-1945



The Russian Battlefield


English website dedicated to the Great Patriotic War

The Russo-Japanese War Historical Society


Self-Explanitory, though it seems a little light on information.

Vasiliy Fofanov's
Modern Russian Armour Page


Our Local Soviet/Russian Tank Expert's page

French Fleet Air Arm


English-language Version of an unofficial website dedicated to French Naval Aviation



Another great Missile Reference page, but with missiles from around the world.

Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association


British Naval Research Association

National Defence University Bibliographies


Military Review http://www.leavenwor...rmy.mil/milrev/

Military policy Research-a research site for military periodicals:
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