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Dogs, Just Dogs.

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#81 Stuart Galbraith

Stuart Galbraith

    Just Another Salisbury Tourist

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 1346 PM

I lost mine of about 17 years about 5 years ago. Im only just thinking about getting another one, takes a long time to get in the mood for.

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#82 Mr King

Mr King

    Fat Body

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 1347 PM

Sorry to hear that Mr King. I took mine up to our family cabin last weekend. Sometime sunday evening between 8 pm or so when I gave him some food and 10 pm when I went to bring him inside, he wandered off into the woods and disappeared. Responded once to my calls, but not again. Even with a full moon it was too dark to find a black dog in the undergrowth. Looked for him monday morning with no luck and no responses again. My sister, brother in law and niece went up monday afternoon and looked for him with niece's dog but no sign of him either. I left out some food and water and will go back this weekend again, but I think he went off to die somewhere he was comfortable, he's always enjoyed it up there.


That is very sad.  Sorry you lost your pup like that. 

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#83 Jeff


    Drum beating laughing boy

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 1734 PM

I had to put my dog down last week. He developed signs of being ill last Monday, and continued to get worse as the week went by. I got him into the vet, and the vet started out by performing a routine checkup on him, and discovered one of his anal glands had grown into a very large mass. She biopsied it, and took a look a look at the biopsy under the microscope. She saw cancer cells. She said anal gland cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers in dogs. I was not even aware that was a thing until then. He had just had a checkup around October - November and they did not detect the mass then, so either they missed it, or it grew between then and last week. We discussed options and I decided that putting him down was the most humane thing to do with how sick he was. I could not afford chemo and surgery for him, and if we treated the symptoms she estimated he might have a month at best. Hard call to make. I miss him quite a bit, as he was my buddy and often went out with me while I ran errands and such. 


It's a horrible decision to make but the right call. It really tears you up to have to let them go. BTDT and will be there again. My wife asked why they only live so long and my answer was so you love them so much. Very sorry to both of you. Now I have to go get this piece of dust out of my eye.

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#84 Murph


    Hierophant Lord

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 1936 PM

Me too. It hurts too much to lose them. I so hope there really is a rainbow bridge.
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#85 MiloMorai



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Posted 17 July 2019 - 1939 PM

Common Backyard Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs, https://www.thespruc...to-dogs-2132451

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