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How Can Infantry Potentially Combat Aps Equipped Vehicles?

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Posted 24 January 2020 - 1324 PM

There's still the issue of whether the system can discriminate the decoy rocket from the real, based on size or configuration. If it can't then it would be easy for the decoy rocket and the real one to be more than a couple of metres apart and for the LAW to still hit. In actual fact, from an engineering perspective, it would be much harder to ensure that they were within two metres of each other.

That's an issue, which I have already addressed. Modern radars can measure the size and shape of the incoming projectile, and determine whether it's real or a decoy. 


In order to get only a 5 m separation, the delay needs to be ~ 40 ms. At the stated 200 ms delay the separation is 24 m.


MEFP are capable of traveling a long distance, which is why some concerns were raised about safety of Trophy, although they were quickly answered.

The stated delay is an alleged delay of APS, not between the projectiles. It may be inferred that way, but it's not certain. Either way, it's not an obstacle.

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