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Flugzeugträger A

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 0436 AM


October : 1941
On 5 October, the British and French navies formed eight groups to hunt down Admiral Graf Spee in the South Atlantic. The British aircraft carriers HMS Hermes, Eagle, and Ark Royal, the French aircraft carrier Béarn, the British battlecruiser Renown, and French battleships Dunkerque and Strasbourg, and 16 cruisers were committed to the hunt.[18] Force G, commanded by Commodore Henry Harwood and assigned to the east coast of South America, comprised the cruisers Cumberland and Exeter. Force G was reinforced by the light cruisers Ajax and Achilles; Harwood detached Cumberland to patrol the area off the Falkland Islands while his other three cruisers patrolled off the River Plate.[19]

Shouldn't that be 1939 rather than '41?





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Posted 16 April 2018 - 1535 PM

This makes no sense at all as actual history often does but in this case it's also fortunate. Who knows if the ships would have had scuttling charges if the French hadn't been worried about the Allies.

That could have been quite embarrassing if the Germans had captured the fleet more or less intact.

Yeah. One has to wonder if this paranoia was not planted in the Vichy command's heads by officers leaning Free French way, to make sure the fleet does not fall intact. Still, it was a close run - without the last minute warning some, if not most of the ships would be likely taken before anyone woke to action, the submarines almost surely as sub base was the closest to the main gates etc. On several ships it was close - CO of Dunkerque needed a lengthy persuasion by his colleague from La Galissoniere, Jean de Vienne was boarded and demolition charges secured, but crew managed to open the valves, on Dupleix boarding party actually managed to close the sea valves, but CO ordered demolition charges to be set with minimal fuzes and the explosions set her on fire...


Re. subs, four managed to get out (2 to Algiers, 1 to Oran, 1 to Spain). 

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 2245 PM

Any reading to recommend on that topic?
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Posted 17 April 2018 - 1517 PM


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