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When Defending Cops Becomes Impossible

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#521 Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy


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Posted Yesterday, 12:09 PM

Oakland PD is kind of an interesting case study. Their officers make very high salaries (average $120k not counting overtime, which is middle class even for the Bay Area), but that results in the city only being able to support a pretty small department (700-odd cops for a city of over 400,000, which frankly has a lot of criminal types). The result is that murders get investigated fast as f*ck and very competently, but they basically ignore property crimes etc. The latter is not an exaggeration -- if your house gets burgled it's basically understood that Oakland PD will show up 8 hours later if at all, and 911 is literally a joke here.


Not to mention the Celeste Guap incident, which apparently involved a hefty portion of the Oakland PD having sex with the same prostitute. No idea how that works! https://slate.com/ne...-explained.html


edit to add: it's interesting to compare it to NYPD, where the salaries tend to be lower (for pretty much the same cost of living) but there are a lot more police officers per capita, and NYC residents tend to regard police officers quite favorably (more foot patrols is probably part of it). The younger cops get, uh, other benefits than salary -- basically your average 25-year-old officer is living at his mom's house in Queens, but women are throwing themselves at him when he goes out on a Friday.

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#522 Jeff


    Drum beating laughing boy

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Posted Yesterday, 04:44 PM


PSA: If you throw Molotov cocktails, you might get shot...dead.   So don't do it: https://hotair.com/a...probably-shoot/



This should really go without saying, but before anyone starts unloading on the cops we should deal with a dose of reality. I don’t care if you are a nutjob with a right-wing political agenda, a nutjob with a left-wing ax to grind, or just a random nutjob with some screws loose. If you show up at a government building with a rifle and incendiary devices and begin torching the place, the cops are going to be there quickly. And if you don’t comply with their instructions, they will shoot you. This guy had burned up at least one car, set fire to a couple of buildings and was attempting to detonate a large propane tank. What did he expect was going to happen?

If you didn’t hear about this, it probably shouldn’t be too surprising. Yes, there are a couple of headlines in the major newspapers and I did see a few segments on CNN covering it. But at least from the pieces I watched, they were almost entirely who, what, where, when stories, absent any great degree of analysis and discussion. I wonder why that is?

Every time some whacko with a MAGA hat so much as takes a swing at someone, we’re treated to hours of endless analysis about how Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric is inspiring people to do harm. But now, after elected Democratic officials, including some presidential candidates, have spent weeks and months vilifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement, accusing them of running concentration camps and demanding that they be shunned by polite society, I take it we’re forbidden from wondering if all of that rhetoric had anything to do with this jackwagon trying to blow up an ICE detention center.

Seriously, folks. Aside from a couple of new polls dropping, a brief blackout in New York City, and some flooding down south, there wasn’t all that much news breaking this morning. And yet I don’t think CNN has spent more than ten minutes total on this attack since I turned it on at six o’clock this morning. Where’s all the deep, penetrating analysis?



According to his manifesto, what a crock of shit romantic name to give the rantings of a nutjob, he felt it was his duty to attack the "concentration camps". Now where have I heard that phrase recently?

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#523 Tim the Tank Nut

Tim the Tank Nut


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Posted Today, 09:34 AM

Google and Co. will bury this one fast

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