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Rimfire As "serious" Cartridge Revisited. Pure Theory And Speculation Galore :)

rimfire LSAT theory

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Posted 25 July 2017 - 2138 PM


I suppose there's no reason the pin couldn't be very short and coming out the back of the cartridge instead of the side, though, as long as it wasn't centered. A wide enough electrode would make the exact orientation of the cartridge irrelevant.

There were "horizontal pinfire" rounds done in 19th century, actually first self-contained ammunition was done this way, by French gunsmith Pauly, in 1808. His aprentice was one certain Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse.

Shotgun based on his patent made in 1812s:



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Posted 27 July 2017 - 2338 PM

In addition to feed complications due to the rims, rimfires can't handle rifle pressures. The .17 WSM is the highest pressure rimfire I know of, at about 33,000 psi a bit less than high pressure handgun cartridges, and about 30,000 psi less than 5.56. The high velocity .17 WSM is also about 500-600 fps less than the mild .17 Hornet, 1000 fps less than the .17 Remington Fireball and 1500 fps below the .17 Remington. Scaled up to 6 or 6.5 mm and velocity will drop below 2000 fps, go with a bigger case for capacity and you lose any advantage in cost/materials over centerfire, and the pressure difference means it will never be as efficient as a centerfire.



That strange high-performance rimfire rifle that George Kelgren was screwing with back in the 1980s that Olaf Larsson mentioned had pressures clear into the 60,000 PSI range, if I recall (I have a detailed article on it somewhere... somewhere).  How, or indeed if this worked, I am not sure.  Normally rimfire has a low pressure ceiling, like you say.

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