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Posted Today, 07:16 PM

that it´s foreigner stealing russian money from russians and not russians themselves 

Thanks to President Obama and his European allies, now it is way more difficult for corrupt officials from Russia to move their assets to safe havens in London or Marbelia. As we see in recent high-profile arrests in Russia, corrupt officials, including law enforcement ones, are literally sitting on top of tons of cash  - but are unable to move it abroad or somehow legalize them inside Russia. Ys they can flee from Russia, but without their money, and they know well that even in exchange for spying activity  Western special services will only give them enough for Skripal-style modest life. Even high ranked Presidential administration official recently found to be Polish spy (https://www.rt.com/r...ial-polish-spy/ ) only got flat and house in Poland (and Polish citizenship) - hardly attractive for people routinely operating with USD millions in cash/
   Note it was predicted by me years ago :)
" Russian Government do not need “money laundering and property ownership” abroad – but plenty of corrupt Russian businessmen and officials do need safe haven out of reach of Russian Government (some of them may be even members of this Government), So ask yourself a question who was in need to cover up corrupt assets in Spain, to the extent of murdering somebody?
Nice thing about worsening relations between Russia and West is sooner or later all Russian-related assets abroad will be confiscated by “collective West” (of course they will be declared illegal etc – and they in fact are, but nobody was troubled by this money origin before). West hope that this threat will make Russian political and economic elite into changing political course of Russia – but practical outcome most likely will be couple of generations of corrupt officials losing all their assets – and their influence in Russia. Some will escape to West (to live relatively poor life without their money, except few who will manage to convince West to be useful as informers or “Russian opposition leaders in excile”), others will end up in Russian jail."
" It is dead loop: corrupt officials are not individual criminals – they are part of system they run and use for own benefit. As long as they (as class) control this system, there is in most cases no way to file case against them good enough for British court. And as long as British court is part of providing corrupt officials with safe haven – there is no way to clean the system, as it is to be done on “one by one” basis, meaning partners of corrupt official will stay on their places and make everything possible to help him get away unpunished.  God bless personal sanctions, now at least key officials can’t get away from Russia – and have to obey themselves in line with local law."
If you check few hundred pages back in this thread and other threads, you will find out my comments about Western attempt to “put pressure on Russian elite foreign assets to make them overthrow Putin and make Russia obedient again” in fact strengthened Putin’s hand holding this elite’s balls. I see it as good development as I prefer Russian President keeping this guys under control, not US President. Still, I would prefer not having “elite” at all, but it is impossible in economic model of modern capitalism Russia is part of.
Re “keeping stolen money inside the country is a surefire ticket to prison” – yes, I have also said it years ago. This is how system works – corrupt official is only able to protect his money from both state, at one side, and other corrupt officials from another side, as long as he is in power. As long as he grow old and retire, or just pressed out of his post by more young and gifted  - he is no longer able to hold his assets safe inside the country, he will be investigated and sent to prison, and assets returned to state. So corruption business model only working when officials are allowed to take their stolen assets away from the country. It is like that not only in Russia – see officials from China and other places buying houses in London. They know what they are doing.
Nice to see you are not complaining about PM Yatsenuk business achievements  Re Putin’s personal wealth of ~100-200 billion – I do not think he need it. Everything he want inside Russia – he could get as President, and outside Russia as runaway politician he can get nothing except Milosevic’s fate."

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