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Nerve Agent Attack In Britain.

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Posted 51 minutes ago





What mass destruction has gone here? by that definition rocks should be banned too, it's not like they blanketed Britain in VX.

You really don't see the danger of using a particularly toxic nerve weapon in public spaces? Several public areas are still off limits due to contamination and a couple of dozen people were treated with the police officer still in critical condition. It's bad enough when a state actor decides your cities and towns are open season for assassinations but to do so with radiological and now chemical weapons is completely unacceptable.This is not some James Bond movie. This should not be a difficult moral dilemma.



As opposed to using car bombs or drones? in this case, the agent was used as a poison, using ricin or a Turkish assasin  would have improved things somehow?


The only moral dilemma (which isn't a dilemma at all) is the murder of a whistleblower/traitor. Unacceptable for one side, totally justified for the other.


Yes, I would hope that there would be outrage should Russia start blowing up car bombs or plinking double agents with drones in downtown English cities and towns. Having said that, I would hope civilized nations would find CBRN weapon use in populated areas to be particularly heinous.


Are there corresponding examples of western nations assassinating our double agents in Russian cities? Seems to be quite a body count building up for the Russians lately and that doesn't even include all of the murders that have taken place in Russia.



So we move the goalpost to suit the morality of the moment. Killing Iranian scientist through car bombs is peachy, civilians killed in drone strikes are collateral damage, too bad for them, 80 killed in Lebanon? no problem, but if the Russians try to kill one spy and apply to us the same standards we apply to them, it's time to bring out the outrage.


Unfortunately, the Western bodycount is just as large, but since it was done by Team America, it's fine.


Your moral equivalence is absurd...and appalling.

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Posted 32 minutes ago


As for the Skripals, the last we heard is she was responding better to the treatment than her father, but there has been no further word. As it seems to have been several hours before they identified the substance, and you need to start treatment right way, their chances look pretty poor. There has been no recent updates on their condition other than critical and stable.


Still, the first time Vladimir Kara-Murza was poisoned, he was estimated as having only a 5 percent chance of survival and he bounced back (twice). We shall just have to wait and see.

Again, “he was estimated” by whom? By himself?
“several hours before they identified the substance” is in fact very quick, for comparison in case of Taganrog mass poisoning it took more then month. This speed may indicate they were told what to look for.

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