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Because, Russia

Now is time. Here is place

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Posted 20 October 2019 - 1333 PM

Plus there are some high-grade medical institutions that do research into nerve agents due the their potential use in the medicine.

On the other hand if you are want to make sub-gram amounts of stuff and you are decent organic chemist with a good lab there is nothing that is gonna stop you, other than personal safety requirements.

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Posted Yesterday, 03:47 AM




Good God, I didnt know Vector was still open. IIRC, they had a smallpox or anthrax leak back in 1979, killed several dozen people.

See RT report kindly posted here by Panzermann yesterday – it was explosion during paintwork during reconstruction of one of the buildings, no biohazard. Strange you expect one of the leading Russian scientific centers closed – as in fact they are quite successful, including participation in international virus research programs.



Roman, my understanding is that the Soviet Union committed much talent, time and money into biological and chemical research. Do you know if any of this knowledge has moved into cancer research?


I'm afraid i am not even close to be expert in this field, so it is hard for me to comment. Yes USSR was investing heavily in medical research of all kinds, but top achievements of medical science (mostly extremely expensive) were mostly unavailable for regular patients, as Soviet healthcare system (often named Semashko system after its inventor) was designed right from the beginning to provide free but basic medical service for people who  were out of reach of modern medical service before that system, not high-tech help.
  Article covering some problems of both Soviet and modern Russian healthcare systems


Thank you for the information. I'm afraid one aspect of Soviet healthcare reform is in trouble when I read this "Our government plans to create highly differentiated pay scales and substantial additional funding has been earmarked for that until 2018."

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