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Effectiveness Of Straffing Aircraft Against Ships

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#141 sunday


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Posted 04 July 2019 - 0817 AM

Only because the pen can be used to plot artillery fires.


Good one!

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#142 Chris Werb

Chris Werb

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Posted 04 July 2019 - 1036 AM

Given how data bit rot or worse, some badly executed scripts or delete command can make things go.... I'm rather enamored with hard copy backups or at least a backup scheme that's off site and immune to idiots with too much access.

We had a rather bad scare this past week where someone trying to deal with untagged virtuals (and thus no departmental accounting) managed to delete EVERY single virtual in our AWS environment.


I'm unware of anything being permanently lost electronically, despite the best efforts of one individual who will remain nameless and is currently suspended pending a disciplinary. In paper days, we had clerks who had their own unique ways of misfiling (letter substitutions etc.) that the other clerks were aware of and helped them find the misfiled notes in an ocean of paper. A (>20x larger) sister health board decided to put a good chunk of their paper records in a basement, pending scanning. It won't surprise you that the basement promptly flooded. Many of the records were declared irretrievable. It's unusual, even here, for a filing clerk to require a commercial diving qualification to do their job. 

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