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Us Air Force Plan To Develop Fighters Every Five Years

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#21 TTK Ciar

TTK Ciar


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Posted 20 September 2019 - 1434 PM

We as simple readers love to criticize big corporations for failing mega defense projects, but in reality even these failures require a tremendous amount of competence to even get so far in such projects.

Some of us "simple readers" have worked on large, complex systems-of-systems projects for big corporations, sometimes in a lead role, and can issue criticism from a position of experience.

When these complex projects fail, it's frequently from a failure to manage that complexity, starting with a failure to push back on specifications, continuing with a failure to protect the project from shifting specifications, and culminating with a failure to apply methodologies which minimize, isolate and/or stage that complexity.

From what little we can see of the F-35 project, it fell afoul of each and every one of these kinds of failings. That it was pushed to completion anyway testifies to the dogged determination of everyone involved, and that is commendable. Ultimately, projects fail when people give up on them (be it for good reasons or bad ones).

Determination won't make up for shoddy management and methodology, though, and asserting an unreasonable R&D schedule does nothing to address these shortcomings.

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#22 EchoFiveMike


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Posted 20 September 2019 - 1929 PM

Liquidate 99% of bureaucrats and then you might have some small chance of making progress with designs.  You need to understand, and then recreate the true purpose of these disgusting bloated org's.  They exists to employ and enrich pogues, so they must be destroyed, the pogues genocided and then perhaps you can start to make progress.


You can start by putting one dude in charge of each program, with absolute merciless authority.  If that dude succeeds, his career is golden.  If that dude fails, he goes to prison and all his possessions are liquidated.  S/F....Ken M

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#23 Dawes



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Posted 20 September 2019 - 2055 PM

I hope they have better luck with these fighters than Boeing is having with the decidedly non-stealthy/generally unassuming KC-46 tanker. If industry can't even get a 30-year old airframe-based aircraft right after multiple tries, it doesn't inspire confidence.

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#24 Stuart Galbraith

Stuart Galbraith

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Posted 21 September 2019 - 0124 AM

The USAF must be so glad it was lawyered out of Airbus's.

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