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TankNet is a group of forums for the discussion of military and military-related subjects with an emphasis on armor and armored warfare.

TankNet will also include separate sections for the education and entertainment of registered members only. These sections will include a gallery of armor-related photographs, detailed web links, and a library section where members may suggest and review books, which can in turn be purchased by the membership-at-large through links to Amazon.com and Chapters.ca.

TankNet was conceived, created and funded by an ad-hoc group of some twenty-five individuals from around the world, who decided that in order to ensure stability in both platform and content, it was necessary to construct and operate their own site.

TankNet is operated as a Not-For-Profit association, providing discussion services to registered members under the aegis of strictly-defined Operating Policies as delineated in the pages accessible through the buttons on the right.

TankNet is organized into a loose hierarchical structure of Directors, Shareholders and Moderators (herein known as "Staff") and participating Members. What you see here was created, financed by and continues to operate through the efforts of many individuals. Appointments to the Staff are at the behest of the rest of the Staff, on behalf of all of our members. Should you feel that you have a greater contribution to make within the TankNet community, you are invited to contact us accordingly. The Staff, will carefully consider your application. You may apply by email to any known Staff Member, stating the position you're interested in, your qualifications thereof (if applicable), and your reasons for volunteering. Your application will be reviewed carefully and quickly subject to the needs of the community, and we will reply as soon as possible thereafter. Thank you!

Once you have read through our operations policies (accessible through the buttons on the right), join us for a unique military discussion experience!

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