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Our Acceptable Use Policy 

Please familiarize yourself with these "rules of engagement" before you begin posting. We are by nature a tolerant community, but we've learned from experience that any internet discussion group will eventually have to deal with people who have no respect for others and who will exhibit intolerable behavior accordingly. These rules are for the protection of all members, casual viewers, and the forum itself. They will be upheld.

1. Basic Terms of Use

(a) TankNet cannot be held responsible for the content of submissions posted to our forums.

(b) TankNet does not review submissions for content before they are posted, and does not verify, endorse, or otherwise take responsibility for the contents of any user-created post. We reserve the right to remove any submission from our forum that we determine is in violation of our rules and guidelines.

(c) TankNet may terminate user accounts at any time, without notice, for conduct that violates these guidelines, or for any other reason, and may terminate user accounts and delete any and all user information for conduct that TankNet believes is harmful to the business of TankNet, and any of its users, or partners. Posts or links found in violation of these items may be subject to immediate deletion and removal from our server, and their poster subject to banishment from the TankNet community.

(d) TankNet will cooperate to the limit of its ability to provide law enforcement agencies with evidence (posts, IP addresses, registration information, etc.) of any individual attempting to maliciously interfere with the life of any forum member outside the forum. Contacting third parties or publishing private information of forum members will be considered evidence of malicious intent. This information may also be made available to the aggrieved party (at the aggrieved party’s request through legal means) should the aggrieved party wish to bring a civil action against the perpetrator.

2. Unacceptable Content and Behaviors

The following is a non-exclusive list of content and behaviors which are unacceptable on TankNet. We reserve the right to modify this list without notice and to designate a post as "unacceptable behavior" at our discretion.

(a) Content that contains or contains links to: nudity, pornography, adult content or sex, without EXPLICIT warning in the subject header of the post. (The warning *ADULT* will be considered sufficient);

(b) Use of information contained within, or deduced from the forum to maliciously interfere with the life of any forum member outside the forum;

(c) Posting personal information of another forum member not otherwise available within the public areas of the forum without the express consent of the forum member being "exposed";

(d) Content that condones, promotes, contains, or links to warez, cracks, hacks, their associated utilities, or other piracy related information, whether for educational purposes or not;

(e) Content that has been promoted through the sending of unsolicited email (spamming) or mail fraud schemes, or links that promote or condone the sending of unsolicited email. Users who utilize TankNet resources, including email addresses posted to the forum for spam are also subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law;

(f) Posting under another forum member's name is prohibited and considered a severe breach of forum rules unless: (i) The post is easily identified as a "spoof" or parody, or (ii) The name used cannot be easily confused with the name of the actual person the parody is portraying;

(g) Posting to any forum using another forum member's e-mail address;

(h) Content that commits acts of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property infringement;

(i) Content that is racist, or otherwise extremely offensive to others, including content which harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses others;

(j) Links to sites that exploit images of children under 18 years of age.

3. Other Guidelines and Waivers

The following are additional guidelines and waivers we have been advised by legal counsel to include in this brief.

(a) Each member is allowed to register only one account, except Staff Members as required for the seamless operation of the site;

(b) Business links are welcome and may be submitted by members;

(c) The use of real names is strongly encouraged. You may, however, configure your screen name to protect your identity (i.e. 'JoeB'), but you may not use the same identification currently in use by another forum member. Your screen name must be unique enough so that your screen identity is not confused with any other member;

(d) Users must register to post to any forum. Registration requires submission of a valid e-mail address and return of a confirmation e-mail to assure the validity of the address. This address will not be released to third parties except as required by law;

(e) TankNet provides space for displaying our users opinions, submissions, or other information but makes no implied or express warranties about the reliability of this content;

(f) TankNet is not responsible for any deletion, alteration, or loss of data due to network or system outages, file corruption, accidental deletion, or any other reasons;

(g) TankNet provides the services accessible on this website on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied;

(h) TankNet and its staff, shareholders and partners make no warranty with respect to any content, information, services, or products provided through or in conjunction with this website;

(i) TankNet and its staff, shareholders and partners make no guarantee of the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information on this website and are not responsible for any errors or omissions arising from the use of such information; any failures, delays, or interruptions in the delivery of any content or services contained on our servers; or losses or damages arising from the use of the content or services provided by TankNet;

(j) TankNet reserves the right to include traffic generated by all user inserted links it hosts in its overall accounting of page views, unique users, and other usage measures. This includes providing web traffic measurement companies with all URLs linked from TankNet for use in their projection of TankNet's overall traffic;

(k) TankNet may also link to or include on its site resources and information provided by 3rd party partners and providers. We do not guarantee the reliability of this information, nor does the inclusion of this information imply our recommendation of these services; it is merely provided for your assistance and information;

(m) TankNet .is member supported. Members have the option of providing links on a page specifically identified for that purpose to their own pages, or links they may find of interest. As a result we ask that users be supportive of members and their enterprises. We require all links to advertising to be suited to adult audiences.

4. Summation

(a) You agree to indemnify TankNet and its partners against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from the your use of this service. This expressly includes your responsibility for any and all liability arising from the violation or infringement of proprietary rights or copyrights and any libelous or unlawful material contained within your post;

(b) TankNet reserves the right to amend or change these guidelines at any time without notice.

Once you have read through these operations policies, please join us for a unique military discussion experience!

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